Man of the house

Man of the House can be defined as a simulator of communication with girls. In this case, players are invited to play rich guys lacking female attention as well as communication skills with representatives of the opposite sex.

In the game, you’ll portray a guy whose mother is a very respected and wealthy businesswoman.

The woman gives his son absolute freedom but the latter is unaware of how to use it. The guy doesn’t know how to use his position properly, and he’s totally unaware of how to attract the attention of girls. You require taking patronage over him and teaching him the elementary secrets of the “pickup”.

The most crucial feature of this game is that the game universe here full of a variety of characters, mostly chicks, and they are all unique in their own way. You can come across fitness trainers, maids, singers, models as well as ordinary girls. Of course, each of them requires an individual approach, but we don’t doubt that you would be happy to find it.

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