Some unclear chiromancy is created in a game under the name! It is a damn mix in which you are awaited by fantasy girls, sex, big boobs, various characters, the epic subject line which will just knock down you from legs and so on. Graphics is smart, and all above-mentioned will give pleasure to your eyes and not only. Once you come, you will see an intro which you should click, opening gate to this world of sex imaginations. You are ready to become the most cool guy in the game SmutStone?

Oh-oh! There are also fights with magic cards. Magic type or something like that! If you are the real gamer, then you know what I speak about. At each card there are 2 parameters, the attack and HP. If you do not know what means HP, well, then you – you should that means your life span which can end if the HP indicator will end! HP means Health Points (health points) and if their value falls lower than 1, then you should start a game from the beginning. You can win or you can lose – it all only depends on you. And in case you lose you will get joy, the only problem will be that the card will be bit, and will not battle in the current fight any more.

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